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Are you insured?

It is very important that anyone working in your home/office be insured.  We are insured and a copy of our certificate is available on request.

Who will be in my home/office?

A uniformed and highly trained cleaning operative monitored by our supervisors who will carry out regular quality control checks of the work done in your home/office.  

What time of day can you clean my home/office?

Our business hours are Monday - Friday 9am-5pm.  Domestic cleaning would normally be scheduled within these times.  However, it is often possible to arrange times out with these hours, especially in the case of Commercial cleaning.

Does somebody need to be at home/on the premises when the operatives are working?

It is certainly not necessary most of our clients are at work when we call and we are provided with keys.  Keys are coded individually with the only identification being a code number for security.  We keep keys and codes stored in our safe lock box.

How will I know when to expect your operatives?

Once everything is agreed you would usually be visited the same time and day.  Bank holidays and other holidays may change the routine.

What will your cleaning operatives do in my home?

Our services will be tailored to suit your requirements.

Do I have to do anything before the clean?

We ask that you take a few minutes before your scheduled cleaning to tidy.  This will allow us to devote all our time to cleaning which will result in giving you the best value for your cleaning fee.

What about cleaning materials and equipment?

Our company provides the materials to carry out the job, however, the use of your vacuum cleaner would be required.  You can be confident that our professional products used will clean effectively and safely. Their use is covered by our insurance.  You can be confident that our professional products and procedures will clean effectively and efficiently.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, a contract that runs for one year at the price quoted with one month's cancellation notice either way.

How do I pay for my cleaning?

The first payment should accompany the completed signed contract and thereafter payment will be made by standing order on the 20th of each month, in advance.

Who do I contact if I want something extra done or if I change or cancel my cleaning?

Please contact the office should you have any special requests, changes or cancellations.

Unfortunately, if you cancel with less than 48 hours' notice, no refund will be given, and the clean will be carried out on the next scheduled visit.  The same charge will be applied if we are locked out of your home/office and are unable to clean.

What if something gets broken when cleaning is taking place?

Should an accident or breakage occur we will contact you as soon as possible.

We will make every effort in the first instance to have the item satisfactorily repaired.  If it cannot be repaired then it will be replaced.   If it is not possible for it to be replaced, the case would be handed over to our insurers who would endeavour to calculate a replacement value. If you have any item of sentimental/antique/irreplaceable value, please let the office know before your first clean.

I have a question not listed here

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